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Public Access Terminal

Our slimline public access terminals (PAT) provide functionality and style fit for location within a resort lobby or conference room. When combined with our i2R solution, a PAT is a great way to give guests an extra facility whilst providing an extra revenue stream as well.

With a simple restart of the computer, it is reset to its initial configuration, ensuring that no public users can alter settings and no viruses or malware can remain on the machine.

Price: $1,425 + GST

Thin Client/Winterm

Perfect for organisations that employ a central application server, Winterms have the power of a PC, without the complexity. Thin clients are compact, energy efficient and productive desktops with all the dynamic user-experience of a PC — without the day-to-day complexities and risks associated with one.

Applications live and run on a central server and the Winterm simply logs the user into the server for a hassle free end user desktop experience.

Price varies based on model.




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